Thursday, October 9, 2008

John Reeves' Louis Collection

"Our rich, cultural past is something to be cherished and ‘Louis’ pays homage to that rich history. The range is as original as a new pianist learning a piece of Mozart; the pianist can always bring a new, individual impression of their own to the work whilst taking nothing away from the grand master himself.

By splitting a turned leg into quarters, one round becomes 4 'corners'. The hard-edged external lines juxtaposed with soft inner curves give the Louis range a contemporary baroque look. Each piece is both a statement in its own right and is able to fit in with the eclectic collections of furniture that make up so many homes. The seamless lacquered or veneered pieces give the impression of a cast or injection moulded process of production, which adds to the charm, and simplicity of the design."


Sharon said...

That's my favorite furniture color. My whole home has furniture in that color! Thanks for the interesting post. You have got yourself a follower!

DK said...

Thanks for stopping by. This blog is just a little collection of all things I drool over, but stay as long as you enjoy what I'm posting! =)