Thursday, April 30, 2009

the war is over

When I was a teenager, I lived by the words of my first love: "Fashion over function." thoroughly, in fact, that I ended up getting heat stroke the summer of 2002. (What can I say, a giant hooded knit sweater despite a forecast of 100+° F was worth it at the time..)

Little did I know, fashion and function couuuuld *gasp* co-exist.

Prime example:


(On a sidenote, my besty is in dire need of this bag from a practical standpoint alone. So if you're reading this, Dani...)


Paul O. said...

I have got to say. This looks so ugly.

DK said...

i have a strange affection for it.. =D

Katy said...

Its hideous.

Danielle said...

haha i dooo need this. i can NEVER find anything in my purse. ha ha ha. i don't mind bit!